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For Mason Rudolph, It Would Be A 'Childhood Dream' To Play For Redskins


While Mason Rudolph will be happy to play for any of the 32 NFL teams, the Oklahoma State quarterback grew up a Redskins fan and would be "fired up" to play in Washington.

Over the next few months, there will be plenty of conjecture of where exactly all of the quarterbacks should be selected in the 2018 NFL Draft.

For most of this week, eyes are on Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield and Wyoming's Josh Allen, both of whom are competing in this week's Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., and are expected first-round picks.

Then, of course, there's underclassmen USC's Sam Darnold and UCLA's Josh Rosen, arguably consider the best two quarterbacks in this year's draft. You also can't forget 2016 Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson in the discussion.

For Oklahoma State's Mason Rudolph, though, he hasn't generated the same amount of attention, at least at to this point in the draft process. Still, he believes he has the talent to be among the best quarterbacks – and players -- in this year's class.

"You look at my production over four years, my consistency, my size, the ability to push the ball down the field, throw the ball down the field accurately, I think that, along with my character, and the way I carry myself. I think I'm a complete package as a quarterback and one of the top guys, if not the top guy, in this class," Rudolph said this week, via NBC Sports Washington. "So I'm confident. I feel like I put everything on tape that I need to do and ready to put my best foot forward."

Over the next few months Rudolph, along with more college quarterbacks, will be tested in their transition to an NFL offensive scheme. In his four seasons with the Cowboys, Rudolph threw for more than 13,600 yards with 92 touchdowns to just 26 interceptions in a spread, pass-first system.

"I think the big question mark is playing in the spread system and being able to make slight adjustments, hot reads, a lot of things we did in our offense that people don't know about," Rudolph said. "A lot of down-the-field concepts that we use in our dropback pass family. We've already done the install vs. Texas, there's a lot of carry over, it's cool to see that. Just being in the huddle, we didn't huddle very much, just like the spread quarterback – that's an adjustment as well as well as just the verbiage and adjustments at the line of scrimmage.

"I did some of that at Oklahoma State I had some control, some protections, trumping the center late in the snap, I saw safety rotation at stack but having a couple plays breaking the huddle with will be an adjustment, but I feel like I'm a quick learner and be able to do that."

While Rudolph was unable to participate in any on-field practice sessions at the Senior Bowl, he was in attendance to interview with teams. Among the teams he talked to was the Redskins, his favorite team growing up.

"I grew up kind of a Redskins fan, my parents were good friend with Joe Gibbs's son J.D., and the race team, so I grew up watching Mark Brunell and the Jason Campbell-era, Clinton Portis, it was cool," Rudolph said. "We lived in Virginia originally, and so that was kind of our team growing up."

As for playing in Washington and creating his own era in franchise history, Rudolph would love the opportunity to play for the Redskins.

"It would be awesome," Rudolph said. "It would be kind of a childhood dream. And like I said, anywhere I go I'll be blessed to put on a new jersey and continue playing the game that I love. But if it was to be Washington, I would be fired up, ready to start working with my teammates and get acquainted to the city of Washington."

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