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Wake Up Washington | Rivera commends rookies for how they have stepped up


From Brian Robinson to Christian Holmes to Jahan Dotson, Commanders' rookies have risen to the occasion when called upon this season. Head coach Ron Rivera has been happy to see that trend and believes there are a couple different reasons for it.   

"I think big part has to do with their learning. Kudos to our scouting department," Rivera said. "The last few years the guys that we've brought in, smart bright football players, guys that get it and understand it. And guys that will get on the field a lot sooner and so far we've been able to do that so kudos to them."  

Identifying smart, bright football players is a process that involves a lot of intentional time and thoughtfulness as scouts will look to talk to coaches, counselors and a host of others in a players life to, as Rivera puts it, "try and get as much information about how quickly they learn."  

Also important in Rivera's perspective is "coaches' willingness to play young guys." The more exposure to live game play scenarios they get, the better they will be able to learn and adjust than if they were watching a moment unfold on the sideline or the film room.   

He sees this group of rookies as perhaps representative of the mindset the Commanders want to take in approaching every draft. They have already made the team better in a number of ways right off the bat and have exciting potential still to be unlocked.  

"We've got to be really good, be really diligent with making sure we get guys that do understand, learn quickly, don't have to get a lot of reps, have some position flex that we can move them around and put 'em in different positions," Rivera said. "That helps a lot. It really does."

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