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Wake Up Washington | Players react to Brian Robinson's return


The Washington Commanders' practice field was the site of a miracle on Wednesday as Brian Robinson Jr. returned to practice just 37 days after being shot in the leg twice. For his teammates, the rookie's comeback has offered a window into Robinson's character as well as a wider perspective on the game of football.  

"It's exciting. I think everyone got excited seeing him just know what he went through and how quickly he is already back on the field," Carson Wentz said. "That is definitely a blessing for sure but who he is, what he brings, the energy he brings, the type of player he is. I think everyone is excited just to see him out there running around again."  

Fellow running back Antonio Gibson noted how encouraging it is to have another weapon added to the offense and that he was impressed with how Robinson was moving out on his first day.  

"He looked good. He was hitting the hole. He was running hard. He was having fun out there," Gibson said. 

For running back Jonathan Williams, the lightning speed of Robinson's return was an indication of otherworldly abilities.  

"He's half-Wolverine or something," Williams joked. 

Safety Bobby McCain has learned something important about his teammate in watching Robinson on this journey. 

"I can just imagine the level of determination he has," McCain said. "You gotta really love this to want to do this after being shot." 

From the "lowest point" he's ever been at in his life in the hospital to playing the game he loves, Robinson's recovery has highlighted the fortitude of a remarkable individual and shown what is possible. 

"Just goes to show that we have fighters on the team. Regardless of the situation, regardless of who gives up on us, we continue to fight," Gibson said. "He's a prime example of that."

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