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Wake Up Washington | Final preparations for the Commanders' clash with the Titans


With kickoff just 24 hours way, the Commanders are dotting their I's and crossing their T's in the final stages of preparation for their clash with the Titans. Defensively, Washington is well aware of what – or should we say who – will be the main focus. Though Derrick Henry is undeniably a unique force to be reckoned with, the Commanders defense has shown improvement and promise in recent games.

"It's no secret I think it's going to be a tall task and it's no secret that this offense goes as far as the 'king' goes. He's 'King Henry' for a reason," Santana Moss said. "I think our defense has risen to the challenge the last few weeks when it's come to the run game so I see our guys going out there and doing just that: rising to the challenge."

Slowing Henry down will be key to what Washington will be hoping to do on the other side of the ball. When Wentz and the Commanders offense do get on the field, they will have something working in their favor.

"It's very, very, very similar to what Jack [Del Rio] does. Lots of cover three. A lot of 'bend but don't break philosophy', a little cover two sprinkled in and they're easy to identify coverages. The safeties kind of tip those off," Logan Paulsen said of the Titans defense.

That familiarity could offer tantalizing opportunities for Scott Turner's unit.

"If Scott [Turner] has a plan and he can get Carson [Wentz] on the same page, I think they've seen how their concepts work against these coverages so it should be a really, really nice matchup for this group," Paulsen sad.

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