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Wake Up Washington | Commanders 'excited' for Giants game after 13 days without NFL action


While the Washington Commanders' bye week brought much-needed rest and recharge time and extra studying of the upcoming opponent, Washington is eager, especially after the Week 13 tie, to get back into NFL action.  

"I think they are pretty excited about playing the Giants again," said head coach Ron Rivera. "We've had a lot of good energy. We've been focusing on what we do and what we want to do against these guys."  

Perhaps initially at schedule release or earlier in the fall, the Giants-BYE-Giants lineup so late in the season was not a sequence the team was jumping for joy about. However, with the way the Commanders season has gone since Week 6 and the toll the NFL takes on the body, Rivera now looks at this stint as maybe a blessing in disguise.  

"I think it's helped us in this situation…We sent the players off, 'Go ahead and take four days. We won't see you until the following Tuesday.' That kind of thing. So, they got a chance to get away and relax," Rivera said." In the meantime, coaches did a quick review, a quick study of some of the things that we could do better: third down on both sides of the ball, red zone on both sides of the ball."  

All this week, the Commanders have been busy making sure that the added recovery and evaluation they were able to get in during the bye is put to good use this Sunday night. Everyone in Ashburn knows what this one against the Giants means, but they also know that the key to getting what they want and have worked for will be treating it just like any other game.  

"We've put ourselves in this position. Now we have to take care of our business. We have to focus in on one game at a time," Rivera said. "You can't have what you want unless you get this one so let's focus in on and put our energies towards this. And let's go out and play our best."

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