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Wake Up Washington | Rivera wants to see growth from offense to start 2022 season


The Washington Commanders have more weapons than they have ever had during Ron Rivera’s tenure as the head coach, from Terry McLaurin to Jahan Dotson and Curtis Samuel. 

It was a priority for the Commanders to surround Carson Wentz with weapons this offseason. They did that, and now they need to make sure they are using all those playmakers the right way. That, Rivera said, will be the biggest area of growth from the offense in the first quarter of the season.

"You're going to have five play makers on the field at a time, but there's only one ball," Rivera said. "And so it's really going to be about, 'What is your role? What is your responsibility?'" 

Those two questions will be answered clearly when offensive coordinator Scott Turner introduces the game plan each week. Each player, Rivera said, will "know exactly what his role is and how he fits into that game plan." 

Once the game begins, the focus shifts to finding the best matchups and figuring out how to exploit them. The best way to do that, Rivera said, is by having a long, sustainable opening drive. That will give them a better sense of how to call the game going forward. 

"You'll see, 'Wow, this is a matchup we're winning. We got to continue to exploit it. We got to go at that,'" Rivera said. "Or, 'You know what, we're struggling over here, but over here, it's pretty good, let's go back to this side.'" 

That approach expands into the first quarter of the season. Of course, winning is the ultimate goal, but Rivera and his coaching staff also want to see which players are establishing themselves as bigger threats to defenses, why they are winning their matchups and how to take advantage of that. 

"Those first three, four, five games, you will be able to gauge where you are and obviously what you've got to improve on and what you've got to continue to be good at," Rivera said. 

The Commanders should have plenty of opportunities to do that in the first two weeks, as they take on the Jacksonville Jaguars and Detroit Lions. The season begins at home against the Jaguars on Sept. 11 at 1 p.m.

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