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Wake Up Washington | Darrick Forrest shows he can be regular contributor in Commanders defense


Second-year safety Darrick Forrest has already shown that he can make an impact this season beyond just being a special teams ace.  

"I've seen some really good growth," head coach Ron Rivera said. "He took a big step from last year…he's a guy that has an opportunity to contribute to the every-down defense."  

The foundation of the leap the coaching staff has seen from Forrest began last year. Even though Forrest was not getting the on-field playing experience, he was doing what was within his control to try to get better.  

"I stayed in each and every meeting. I was at a lot of the away games, so I was around," Forrest said. "I might not have been out there, but I was definitely taking those mental reps each and every play."  

He has seen that work in the film room and on the sidelines start to pay off now on the field.  

"It's been my mind, my mental game," Forrest said about what his biggest area of growth has been over the last year. "I'm going out there, I can look at the formation, I can look at the personnel, and I can know what's going to happen… it starts with preparation. So, I feel like I'm more prepared this year."  

As he has developed, Rivera & Co. see that Forrest has the potential to succeed in the Buffalo nickel position. The role is also one that Forrest has embraced.  

"I just feel like it allows me to play fast. I'm closer to the line of scrimmage and I like the hit, so obviously if I'm in a fit I'm going to get down there and make a big hit if I need to. And I can cover at the same time," Forrest said. "So, I feel like it is an upgrade from what I was doing in the past, but my true responsibility is to go out there and play fast and just bring that energy."  

Whether he is playing at either of the safety spots, the big nickel or on special teams, Forrest is excited to help the team in whatever way it may need.  
"It's just for me to be out there and be comfortable and for me to have the knowledge for the rest of the players, so that when I get in there, they believe in me and they know that I can do my job," Forrest said.

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The Washington Commanders were back on the field to begin preparations for their final preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens. Check out the top photos from Monday's practice. (Emilee Fails and Kourtney Carroll/Washington Commanders)

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