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Wake Up Washington | Jahan Dotson hungry to learn, gel with the quarterbacks


When it comes to the Washington Commanders wide receiver group, head coach Ron Rivera and wide receiver coach Drew Terrell seem to have a headache on their hands -- a good kind of headache. Guys are playing well, so decisions get more difficult.   

"Each guy brings something different to the table. Each guy's done some pretty unique things as we've gone through the first two and a half weeks of camp," Rivera said. "And again, it is one of those tough things that we will still have to see how they play to help make up our minds. These three games will be really important to a lot of guys."  

Rookie Jahan Dotson has been among the most consistent in the group. Since training camp got under way, he's shown his smooth route running and steady hands over and over. On Monday, the first-round pick received an important nod for his play upon the release of the Commanders depth chart.   

The potential starting wide receiver admits, though, that he's "not looking too far ahead into future." Instead, he's focused on getting the playbook down and developing chemistry with the quarterbacks.   

"It's my obligation to catch the football, and I feel like that's what I gotta do," Dotson said. "The quarterbacks are on a footwork timing basis, and we gotta be in that spot at the right time. So, it's my job to get there and go get the ball. The guys [quarterbacks] are looking great. So, I feel like it's just gonna keep building every single day as we get these reps out here, practice and we're gonna be good."  

Dotson is trusting the process, and so far, it's paying off. Every day he comes into work, he hopes to improve by soaking up the experience of this new pro-level environment.  

"I'm still a 22-year-old kid, just learning the ropes," Dotson said. "You can never stop learning so any information or knowledge that guys are giving to me because they've been in this predicament before, I'm taking it and I'm using it so I can help better myself."

The Washington Commanders continue to roll through Week 3 of training camp with a Wednesday practice in helmets and jerseys. Check out the top photos from the day.

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