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Wake Up Washington | Terry McLaurin feels the fan love at FedExField


Thousands of fans gathered to watch the Washington Commanders practice under the lights at FedExField on Saturday. Attendees were pumped to see their team in action at the stadium for the first time in seven months and that electricity had a notable effect on the session.   

"I really appreciate the fans coming out today. What we are looking for is that energy," head coach Ron Rivera said. "I think the players fed off that. There were some really good things...This is going to be really good tape for us to evaluate with"  

Washington brought the heat on both sides of the ball for Day 10 of training camp. The offense had success both in the ground and in the air while the defense, Rivera noted, did well in delivering pressure and in executing different coverages they've been working to implement.   

Fans made it known when they liked what they were seeing, breaking out in cheers and applause throughout the night. That symbiotic relationship between what happens on the field and what happens in the stands is a fact Rivera is looking to emphasize.  

"We are just trying to get our guys to understand how important it is to have fans out there and how important it is for our fans to be there and bring that energy," Rivera said.  

One player who needs little reminding of the significance of respecting and perpetuating fan love is Terry McLaurin. The surge of support has not gone unnoticed by the star wide receiver since signing his three-year extension a little over a month ago.   

"I've always gotten love from the fans but it just kind of seemed a little more, and I humbly accept that." McLaurin said. "It's really cool to be able to make an impact on so many people and to be one of the leaders on this team."  

He showed his appreciation by spending a sizable amount of time after practice interacting with the community who has rallied around him. That love is a huge source of fuel for him heading into his fourth season with Washington.  

"Anytime I get to go out there and hang out with the fans and show them love, smile, give them compliments, and just appreciate them for supporting me and the rest of my teammates, I'm gonna do that because that's one of the great things about football. Seeing the fanfare and getting the love that we get from these fans," McLaurin said. "I'm really looking forward to this season and seeing how that grows for all of us."

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The Washington Commanders were at FedExField Saturday night to practice in front of fans for Day 10 of training camp. Check out the top images from the night. (Emilee Fails and Kourtney Carroll/Washington Commanders)

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