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Wake Up Washington | New Jaguars coaching staff means more Week 1 homework for Commanders


Week 1 matchups come with an inherent set of scouting challenges as both teams come in ready to debut their respective weapons in a real game scenario.  

Preparations for Jacksonville, however, have come with a bit of added work for the Washington Commanders coaching staff as most coaches from the Jaguars are adjusting to their very first season with the team.  

"You have to look at a lot of different things. You gotta look at what they've done in the past with their associations, with particular teams. So, it's a lot of work," head coach Ron Rivera said.  

Doug Pederson took the reigns over at Jacksonville on Feb. 3. He brought on 19 coaches, many of whom have solid NFL experience on their resumes, and retained five coaches from Urban Meyer's regime. It's an offensive-minded bunch, in part because of Pederson's background as a quarterback himself and the fact that so much of the Jaguars' focus from a near and long-term success perspective centers on quarterback Trevor Lawrence.   

The offensive lean of the new coaching staff means Jack Del Rio and the defense have had a lot homework to do leading up to Sunday.  

"There are a lot to go back and look at" Del Rio said. "Obviously as coaches, that's what we do. It'll be nice to get past this first week and kind of see what it is they're doing and what we're doing, how it matches up and adjust where we need to. To me, I don't think you look back on last year and draw a lot of conclusions, whether it be from them or from us. It's a new year, new opportunities."  

From what he's seen and heard, Rivera feels good about what the defensive staff has done to prepare for the Jags.  

"Sitting in on the meetings and listening to what they're talking about and what we're planning for, I like to feel that we have a pretty decent handle," Rivera said. "Then there's always the unexpected though. I like to say with Doug, I kind of think there is gonna be a little something unexpected."  

It's impossible to plan for everything, of course, especially in Week 1. The true difference-maker then becomes all the hours put in hammering down the basics and mastering the controllables.  

"You stick to your principles and trust what you know. Play fast and go to the next play," Del Rio said. "That's how we're gonna approach it."

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