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Wake Up Washington | Referees at camp on recovery day offers 'good opportunity' to learn


A couple of NFL referees made an appearance at the Washington Commander's practice in the bubble on Thursday. Some non-gameday face time with officials presented a tantalizing prospect for Charles Leno Jr.  

When asked what he was trying to learn from refs at practice today, the tackle joked, "How can I get away with more of those [holding penalties]?"  

And while the referees weren't there for that kind of info, they were there for educational purposes.  

"I've stressed to the coaches and the players that because they are here, let's take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions and point out things," said head coach Ron Rivera.  

Mental reps stood out as a main theme of the one-hour, walkthrough session. The Commanders spent Thursday recovering their bodies, enjoying some much-needed work with massage therapists, chiropractors and training room staff after back-to-back high-intensity days in the heat and in pads for the first time.  

Though the day was lighter physically, that didn't mean the guys got a day off from getting better. Spending time with the refs serves to sharpen the other key components of the craft. The officials in attendance, including veteran NFL referee Roy Ellison, assisted Washington's special teams in a two-minute drill, offering insight into actual game scenarios they had experienced.   

Rivera hopes that these precious chunks of time with the refs can help different position groups understand what situations lend themselves to certain calls.     

"We'll have the umpire and the back judge, hopefully explaining what they're looking for in holding," Rivera said. "We'll have the side judges explain to them what they're looking for in coverage, for offensive pass interference, defensive pass interference, all those little types of things. So, it is a good opportunity for us to learn from the referees."

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