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Wake Up Washington | A 'ten times more comfortable' Jamin Davis prepares for second season


Commanders linebacker Jamin Davis has already noticed a shift in his comfortability and confidence heading into his second year as a pro.

"Ten times more comfortable. I mean, everything is way slower, slowed down for me," Davis said. "I feel like more of myself. I'm just really out here trying to make more plays."

The 2021 first round draft pick had a lot of pressure in the lead up to his rookie year; it comes with the first-round pick status. Last season was not a superbly productive or standout one statistically for the Kentucky product. Neither the coaching staff nor Davis himself expected the adjustment to be an overnight flip of a switch.

"It's hard when you are used to playing a specific way, a certain way, and then you come in and now it's completely a whole new ball game. It really truly is," head coach Ron Rivera said. "With him, it's just a matter of getting opportunities and picking it up…he continues to get reps and continues to do well."

The novelty has worn off for Davis, and that's good. He is noticing situations he's been in before and has processed how to approach them and succeed.

"I think a lot of it more so is just having that experience and having reps and just being like, 'Okay, now I've seen this before, so now I can be in the right place at the right time and just play it a lot faster."

The linebacker is not shying away from his moments as he gears up for his second season. Any hesitancy or shakiness in getting his bearings seems to be behind him. Training camp is offering opportunities he is relishing.

"I'm loving it so far. I'm doing what I can, going out there making plays," Davis said. "It should be a pretty big season this year.

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