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Wake Up Washington | Carson Wentz has been 'more than helpful' to Jahan Dotson

Rookies tend to have a lot on their minds as they go through their first NFL season, and Washington Commanders wideout Jahan Dotson is no different. 

As he put it on "Good Morning Football," Dotson has been "slapped with a big playbook that he needs to learn." He's also needed to find his place among a receiver group that is already full of talent with the likes of Terry McLaurin and Curtis Samuel.  

Add all of that to the fact that he was the Commanders' first-round pick, and it would be understandable for Dotson to feel pressure as he works through training camp. If there is, it has not shown in Dotson's performance, which by all accounts has been worthy of the 16th overall pick. 

It helps that Dotson has Carson Wentz to lean on as he learns the ropes of the NFL. 

"Carson has been more than helpful to me," Dotson said. 

There is a long list of reasons why Dotson is grateful to have a quarterback like Wentz throwing passes to him. For starters, Wentz is entering his seventh season, so he's been able to impart some of the veteran knowledge on to Dotson. 

"He knows the ropes," Dotson said. "He's seen a lot of football. He's an extremely good leader. I wouldn't rather have anyone else." 

Wentz has been proactive about establishing a relationship with his pass-catchers as well. Players like Terry McLaurin and Cole Turner complimented Wentz's throwing style, saying the amount of airtime he puts in his passes gives them a better chance to make plays downfield. He will also work with them individually on the sideline, offering pointers on how they can run routes so their timing can be on point. 

Dotson has experienced that firsthand and added that the quarterback puts the ball "on the money." Having a receiver-friendly signal-caller has been a boon for the rookie. 

"He gives me opportunities to go make plays," Dotson said. "So, he's been great." 

Dotson and Wentz have clicked from the moment they stepped on the field together in OTAs. That bond has grown during training camp, and they'll get to show some of that during the Commanders' preseason opener against the Carolina Panthers. 

It's one of the many reasons Dotson is anxious to take his first snaps at FedExField. 

"I truly can't wait for the opportunity on Saturday," Dotson said. "I get to lace it up for the first time on an NFL football field. So, I'm truly excited."

The Washington Commanders made their final preparations for the preseason opener against the Carolina Panthers by holding a walkthrough at Joint Base Andrews. Check out the top photos from the practice, which included remarks from co-owner and co-CEO Tanya Snyder. Photos by Emilee Fails/Washington Commanders

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