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Wake Up Washington | Coaches, medical staff taking steady approach with Curtis Samuel


At face value, Curtis Samuel’s Day 2 and Day 3 of training camp could have looked like déjà vu. One day, he's showing flashes of his brilliance on the field. The next day, he's standing on the sidelines, not participating. It was eerily similar to his somewhat back-and-forth injury status last season, a period that Samuel looks back at with a mix of frustration and confusion.   

"Just mentally, just not really understanding, like, why is this happening? You know, that was just tough for me," Samuel recalled. "It was at one point I felt like I feel good and the next minute I don't feel good. So, it was just so confusing." 

In training camp, though, the reason behind Samuel being in on the action one day and out of some of it the next is different. This is intentional. The receiver isn't injured. Rather, the approach seen in Day 2 and 3 of camp is representative of the Commanders medical and coaching staff's plan to ensure that Samuel's injury from last year doesn't become a deeper, more debilitating issue. 

"We're trying to prevent it from becoming a lingering thing," Coach Rivera said. "And when the trainer comes to me and says, 'Hey, he is looking good, he's had a couple really good days. Let's just get him through this and then move on.' Yeah. Okay. I'm fine with that. I mean, we're gonna build it up. We're gonna ramp it up. He's better for us playing than he is, you know, rehabbing."  

According to Samuel, the approach has worked well so far.  

"Yeah, I feel good. I feel fast, you know, that's the main thing. I'm flying around out there and I'm able to do stuff that I used to do. So, I'm excited about that…Just trying to take it day by day and just get better and better."

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