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Wake Up Washington | Emphasis on trust, responsibility in beginning of camp


It jumps out with just a glance at Washington's roster: all the birth years in the late 1990s and the sprinkle of early 2000s. The team is young -- a fact that brings a couple of different elements to consider in the early days of training camp.  

In terms of evaluation, a young roster comes with a dose of intrigue and piqued interest in the wondering of which of these guys will quiet any inexperience-induced doubt or challenges and step up for the spots that aren't locked down. That's already been the case with the Washington Commanders' secondary.  

"We've got a couple of young guys. I'm not gonna name them. The less people know about them the better, but they've done a nice job. They really have," Rivera said.  

Then, there's what a young team means for the time after the practice whistle blows. It's in these blocks, where coaches aren't permitted to instruct players on field because of league rules, that Rivera emphasizes trust and responsibility. He's looking to see who is going to put these ideas into application, for example, by staying after practice to do extra work.   

"They have to take ownership at that point, because again, within the rules of practicing, you know, we can't say, 'Hey do this,'" Rivera said. "So, the players have to take it on themselves and that's where the ownership, that's where the maturity comes."  

The same goes for overall lifestyle. Treating your body as your business and approaching this pursuit like a professional can be a huge adjustment for these young players. Rivera has communicated the need for them to make good choices with their time and trusts they'll follow through during training camp and beyond.  

"They're going to go home. They're going to get off their feet. They're going to get their rest. They're going to hydrate. They're going to eat properly...We talked about time management as well," Rivera said. "So, we have to learn and understand and be disciplined and be mature to be ready to play football."

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