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Wake Up Washington | Logan Thomas remains optimistic about recovery


The Washington Commanders' tight end group has been making a positive impression this offseason, although there is still one notable player who has yet to suit up. 

That player is Logan Thomas, who has been diligently working his way through rehabbing the torn ACL he suffered against the Seattle Seahawks. The Week 12 injury kept him sidelined for the rest of the season, and while he's been seen every day of the offseason workout program, there's not a clear timetable on his return. 

Thomas, however, remains in high spirits about his recovery. In fact, he told reporters after Tuesday's practice that everything is going according to plan. 

"The knee's doing good," Thomas said. "I'm thankful it's gone the way it has. The Lord has blessed me with decent recovery skills." 

There was some confusion last season about what Thomas' injury was before it ultimately was ruled as an ACL tear. It turned out that his ACL and both meniscus ligaments in his left knee needed to be repaired. 

After surgery, Thomas began working with team physical therapist Jeff Ruiz, who Thomas said has studied knees and recoveries from similar injuries for his entire career. The first steps in Thomas' path to getting back on the field involved strengthening the quad muscles in his leg in addition to getting acclimated to the impact of the ground. 

Thomas is past that step, and he's now focused on jumping and running. 

"I'm getting to about a 75% run," Thomas said. "So, we're getting there. We're close, and I'm very thankful for [Ruiz] and his availability and the way he's really approached this whole process." 

Thomas has been a key weapon for the Commanders since he signed with the team in 2020. He's grown so much at the position that Pete Hoener, who has coached a slew of the best at position in the last decade, called him one of the top tight ends playing today. 

So, while Washington's younger players are stepping up, the team is better when Thomas is in the lineup. Obviously, Thomas wants to be on the field, but he also wants to make sure he's ready. 

"Every day is a mental grind," Thomas said. "It's more mental than it is physical. Some days get monotonous. It's the same thing over and over and over again. You know you're getting better, but you want it happen right now." 

That's why Thomas isn't putting a set time on his return. He would like to be ready for Week 1, but he's not going to push it. 

"If it doesn't happen, I don't feel right, I feel like I have limitations, I'll come back when I'm ready."

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