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Wake Up Washington | Byron Pringle ready to make his mark on Washington's offense


For wide receiver Byron Pringle, this year's season with the Washington Commanders is a chance to reconnect, rebuild and take his game to the next level. And he's ready to put in the work to do so.

This season marks a new beginning for Pringle, and he's resumed his commitment to a team with talented other wide receivers.

Pringle was with the Chicago Bears last year but lost critical practice time with his quarterback, Justin Fields, after an injury in the preseason. His quad strain in August led to his minimal practice time, worsened after Pringle injured his calf and was on IR in September.

Pringle brings five years of NFL experience, four of which were spent with the Kansas City Chiefs. While he wasn't as featured in the offense as Tyreek Hill or Travis Kelce, he still become a reliable weapon for Patrick Mahomes with 898 yards and seven touchdowns. Most of that came in 2021 -- his most productive season -- when he recorded 42 receptions for 568 yards and five scores.

Pringle has been practicing alongside Jahan Dotson and NFL's Top 100 player, Terry McLaurin. The chance to share their different techniques from years of varying experience coinciding in one locker room will give this offensive squad an edge.

Playing on the east coast is a new experience for Pringle, but he does have some sense of familiarity with Eric Bieniemy being Washington's offensive coordinator. The first four years of his career were spent with Bieniemy, and now they can work together again. For them, the goal is to help improve an offense that does have talented pieces but finished the 2022 season 20th in total yards per game.

"I've played in this system already, and I've played special teams as well," Pringle said. "I feel great to have this opportunity to be here and compete."

Bieniemy's sense of his wide receiver's strengths and weaknesses could substantially impact Pringle's growth.

"I feel great to be here with Coach Bieniemy," Pringle said.

The Washington Commanders finished their first week of training camp with thousands of fans packing the bleachers and areas surrounding the practice field. Here are the best photos from Saturday. (Photos by Emilee Fails and Kourtney Carroll/Washington Commanders)

Bieniemy knows how impactful Pringle can be in his system. In Week 16 of the 2021 season, Pringle helped the Chiefs secure a 36-10 win over the Steelers with 75 yards and two touchdowns.

After the game, Bieniemy said Pringle did "a heck of a job."

"I'm not shocked, nor surprised," Bieniemy said via Yahoo Sports. "The thing about Pringle, he's one of our hardest working individuals. The kid comes to work every day with his hard hat. The thing that you appreciate about Pringle is that he does not take anything for granted."

From playing with an AFC Championship lineup in 2021 and then a 3-14 squad in the windy city last year, Pringle has shown that he can adapt to whatever is next. His variety of experience has built the road for him to adapt to wherever the Commanders are in their season and bring that fuel on and off the field.

And Bieniemy appreciates how consistent Pringle can be.

"You don't have to remind Pringle that he had a drop," Bieniemy said. "He's going to remind himself and he's going to find a way to make up for that particular play. That's what you love about him because nothing is ever too high, and nothing ever gets him down too low."

The Washington Commanders continued Week 1 of training camp with fans in the stands and Kevin Durant in attendance. Check out the top photos from the day. (Photos by Emilee Fails and Kourtney Carroll/Washington Commanders)

His enthusiasm comes after an offseason where he focused on training, ensuring he would be ready to return to the NFL. Pringle also says he spent quality time with his family, which was important for the Tampa, Florida, native.

Being part of the Commanders' offense offers a unique opportunity for him to work with starting quarterback Sam Howell, who is beginning his second season in the NFL and has an opportunity to the starter for Week 1. Pringle's veteran experience, on top of his previous exposure to Bieniemy's offense, can be an asset to Howell as they both work to improve the unit's production.

Pringle has shown why the Commanders were interested in bringing him in prior to the start of camp, as he showed his quick feet to every draw. His combined speed and vision of the field are, without a doubt, an asset that can deploy for using his quarterback.

Pringle has only worked with Howell for a few days, but he's liked what he has seen from the signal-caller so far and is eager to keep building their relationship.

"We're gonna keep watching film and working together," Pringle said.

With all his strategy and ambition, he's ready to make his year in Washington count and lean into a team under new ownership.

Pringle was ready even under extreme 95-degree temperatures on Day 4 camp with thousands of fans. He's determined to add to what is already a talented group of receivers, and his attitude is what the Commanders need for their 2023 season as they re-aim their focus and take on a new era of the franchise.

"Just come in and compete. Play hard and work hard," Pringle says.

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