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Wake Up Washington | Football was therapeutic for Jeremy Reaves after the loss of his mom last season 


Jeremy Reaves has noticed a difference in his game as he gears up for his fifth season in Washington.   

"Confident. I think that's been my approach since OTAs, just have a confidence about me," Reaves said.  

He has felt like he's reading situations faster, playing with a sense of assuredness in his next move. His teammates have been impressed by the work he has put in. Speaking on the strides members of secondary have made, Bobby McCain called Reaves, "one of the smartest guys in the back end."  

The gains, Reaves will tell you, are deeply tied to a loss -- one of the most profound and soul-shaking ones he has ever experienced. In November 2021, the 25-year-old's mother passed away.   

"My mom was my biggest fan," Reaves said. "She was always telling me, just be sure of myself…don't try to do too much, do what you know you're capable of. So, I've kind of just took that approach. It's a sense of calm. I'm not out there panicking, I'm not out there seeing too much."  

The sport's lifelong association with his mother made stepping out on the field healing for him last season.   

"It was probably the best thing for me, honestly," the safety said. "I need something to keep me going, and I know my mom would've wanted me to keep going. Just put my best foot forward every day. Trying to honor her the best way I can, and that was really how I got through it all."  

As a source of distraction and a way of staying connected to his late mom, football has been therapeutic for Reaves in the ongoing grieving process. It has also provided an environment full of people who care about him and want to be by his side.   

"These guys, this building, the staff, my teammates, I mean, without them, I don't know what last year would've been like for me, honestly," Reaves said. "It was the most support I've ever received in my life."

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The Washington Commanders had a lighter practice on Wednesday as they continue their preparation for their final preseason game. Check out the top photos from the afternoon. Photos by Emilee Fails and Kourtney Carroll/Washington Commanders

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